HBS Interview Preparation


Congratulations! You have been invited to interview with the Harvard Business School. What should you do now? You are one step away from being admitted; don’t leave this decision up to “luck”. Get help from an entire team of experts who not only are well informed about the admissions process but also survived the interviews ourselves.

Your personal HBS Admissions Board

Don’t leave your fate up to one single judgment. Get an entire team who will review your application to identify your gaps and your strengths. Our team-based approach simulates the process deployed by the admissions board. We will evaluate your application holistically, in the same way that HBS review candidates. Our joint, yet diverse perspective will determine the areas that you will need to address the most.

HBS Mock Interview

  • 30-min mock interview – simulating the real interview
  • Personalized interview tips – based on your profile and your style
  • Detailed feedback – from your simulated admissions team

HBS Post-Interview Reflection

  • Interview debrief, to uncover what when well, what went wrong
  • Strategic advice on how to craft the Post-Interview reflection write-up
  • Reflection review, to meet the 24 hour deadline