Career-changing experience

"I come from an engineering background. Telling a story was like a linear equation to me, where I would narrate step 1 through 10. Not only did my consultant help me in each step of my application, but also coached me to better communicate my story so that I could be self-sufficient in my other applications. The experience of working with Ivy Advisors changed my career. Because of the coaching, I am better at advocating for myself in the workplace."

One of the most important steps of my career

"Initially I had hesitations about hiring anyone to help me with my school application. However, the entire process got overwhelming very quickly. Everyone around me had an opinion about what I should do or not do. Although well intentioned, they often contracted each other. Hiring a professional gave me an objective view of my profile. My consultant from Ivy Advisors worked with me one-on-one, customizing the application to who I truly was. He was also very knowledgeable about the school and their admissions criteria. My consultant was not shy about pushing me back when I got too emotional. The whole process was handled very efficiently and professionally. I felt at ease knowing that a professional was with me, taking care of one of the most important steps of my career. I have nothing but good comments."/

Beyond admissions—also a career coach

"I worked with Ivy Advisors as a re-applicant. Not only was it an eye-opening exercise that changed my perspective about what’s important, it was a life-changing investment. When I applied on my own for the first time, I was rejected by all of my target schools. But when I applied with Ivy Advisors, I was accepted to them all. It was clear that hiring Ivy Advisors turned my ultimate path. I cannot thank them enough. Even post-admissions, my consultant kept in touch with me and worked with me to make sure that I was doing well in my career."

A truly collaborative process

"For me, choosing to do an MBA was a big step—a strategic decision to take my career not only to the next level but in a completely different direction. The stakes were high, and I wasn’t willing to take chances with my future. Ivy Advisors provided insight into a process that I was not familiar with, highlighting the key elements in an application that I should try to emphasize. My advisor learned about who I was and what my goals were to help me see my own strengths and—in a truly collaborative process—craft a better application than I would have on my own."

Truly passionate advisor who cares about people

"I used the hourly services option. My consultant was cognizant of my budget and went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. I had below-average credentials, which made my profile very challenging. However, my consultant heartily believed in my potential and poured her heart into my application. I don’t just see her as a consultant; she’s also a career coach."

Insightful and strategic

"I engaged Ivy Advisors early in my application process to better understand the competitive landscape and my chances of landing at a top 5 school. Their insights helped me shape my path ahead of time so that I could address some development areas of my profile. When it was time to apply, I reached out again for targeted help. I would recommend Ivy Advisors to anyone going through the application process."

Spot-on insight, as if I were talking to admissions

"I engaged Ivy Advisors late in my application process and really regret not finding out about them earlier. I engaged them for interview preparation.

During the first hour of my consultation, my consultant immediately called out the weak points of my application. Later on, during my interview, my interviewer addressed those exact points. I felt as if someone from admissions had spoken to my consultant about my profile. Hands down, they know what they are doing."

A must hire! Don’t cut corners!

"I consider myself to be a determined go-getter who works hard. I thought I could do it all, including my application. I engaged Ivy Advisors for a few hours just to make sure that everything was in line. Then as we worked together, we discovered blind spots. My consultant took the essence of who I was and helped me communicate my personal brand at a level that I could not. My application truly transformed. Although I had strong credentials, I believe that saying things in the right way is equally if not more important. It’s a highly competitive game that will leave slow runners behind."

Got in to Harvard! I almost didn’t apply!

"I applied to a round of schools on my own, and was on the fence on whether to apply to my stretch goal—Harvard. I hired Ivy Advisors to coach me for the interview process with other schools. However, upon getting to know me better, my advisor encouraged me to give Harvard a try. She explicitly called out the gaps and areas that needed attention. We worked together on a plan to best fill in those gaps and tell Admissions a compelling story of how I have overcome my obstacles. In the end, I was invited to interview with Harvard and was admitted! Thanks so much!"

Very professional service

"I had the hourly plan with Ivy Advisors. Every minute was put at work. They were very professional. I felt at ease that someone was taking care of my application. I valued the tactical help they provided to boost my candidacy. There was no detail left behind."

Re-applicant, and made it this time!

"I had applied on my own twice already. The third time around, I decided to get outside help to provide a more objective perspective about my application. Thank goodness I did! I was too attached to my stories. The way I told them did not necessarily highlight my talent or achievements. But Ivy Advisors coached me to see what was important for a school application. Utilizing the same set of stories but packaged differently, Ivy Advisors helped me craft a new application. This time I was accepted!"

Got into my dream school!

"Berkeley had long been my dream school. But being an international applicant, I knew very little about the “application game.” My consultant had gone through the same journey as an international applicant, so he could empathize with my needs. He helped me construct my application step-by-step, always responding on time and showing the outmost care. I cannot thank him enough."

Would not have gotten in without Ivy Advisors

"As a consultant, I was surrounded by MBA grads who were willing to hear me out and help. However, nothing compares to the dedicated, one-on-one attention that I received through Ivy Advisors. My consultant took the time to understand my profile and point out the uniqueness of my strengths. She knew the ins and outs of my target school. She helped me address the gaps in my profile. Without Ivy Advisors I would not have come close to being admitted."

Heartily Recommend

"I had the pleasure of working with Ivy Advisors through a one-on-one advising session during my business school application process. Our conversation was extremely useful thanks to the technical advice my consultant gave as well as the general morale boost and the encouragement she shared. My consultant was quick to recognize my diverse strengths and helped me bring those out in my resume and throughout my application. She stressed the importance of highlighting these strengths in my essays and eventual interviews, a key part of my future success. I was encouraged by the potential she saw in my application, which was strengthened by her keen, clear feedback. I would heartily recommend anyone to work with Ivy Advisors"

Invaluable Advice

"I recommend Ivy Advisors 100% without any reservations. The advice on my essays and interviews was invaluable. My advisor's knowledge of the intricacies of the different schools helped me position my application as best as possible. I applied to my top five and got interviews with four of them. Very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable."

"As an MBA applicant with a traditional feeder career, it was hard to stand out. But Ivy Advisors helped me identify the uniquness of my profile."